1. Trained responders book on with the ambulance service via text message when they have time available. Some people do a regular shift each week and some book on in a more ad-hoc fashion. 
  2. Responders are alerted of an incident by text message at the same time as an NHS ambulance.
  3. We then confirm that we will be attending and drive to the scene as soon as possible, obeying speed limits. We may get to the scene before the NHS ambulance.
  4. We advise the ambulance control of our arrival and commence any required treatment that we are trained to give.
  5. We stay on scene until told to stand down by the ambulance crew and provide care and reassurance to patients and relatives.


In this picture from a training exercise the responder is examining details of the patient who has used the 'Message in a Bottle' scheme to guide his treatment.                                                                                                                                             


Here the training exercise simulates a patient who is experiencing chest pains.